Simon Pioche leads an EBG Business Talk on the 24th of June

On Thursday, June 24th from 9am to 10am, Simon Pioche will speak during a Business Talk organized by EBG.

What is a Business Talk?

Business talks are interactive speaking sessions dedicated to managers. During an hour, the participants share their points of view and ask questions about a defined subject.

Process Mining: How does reality help you to make the right decisions?

This session will be dedicated to Process Mining. Recent and innovative technology, Process Mining materializes processes by analyzing transactional events, recorded in business applications. Its purpose is to make processes more efficient.

Supported by participants, Simon Pioche will speak about: “Process Mining: How reality helps you to make the rights decisions?”

Nowadays process compliance has become essential for the right functioning of the business, no matter the sector of activity. An effective and efficient process will allow time and revenue savings. Conversely, a faulty process can sometimes cause losses of up to 20 to 30%.

Event agenda

The Business Talk will be in 3 stages:

First, process anomalies will be approached:  what are the weak points of a process and how to identify them? How can Process Mining bring together reality of the processes with the theoretical reality?

Next, processes performance: how to measure it and what are KPI to pilot?

To finish, will be evoked predictive aspect of IA: how to anticipate next flows and possible anomalies in processes?

Process Mining has an advantage: it can be applied to different business processes, all sectors combined. Simon Pioche will present some use cases related to financial, maintenance and supply chain processes.

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