How does Process Mining drive business performance improvement?

Livejourney performance Process Mining

The concept of performance in companies

As a categorical imperative for companies, performance is difficult to define because of:

It’s no longer just the quest for profit. It responds to social, financial and environmental considerations.

It can be understood from different perspectives and employees do not always agree on a common vision of performance in the company.

The term performance is therefore specific to each company and exogenous factors can affect it. So how do you manage it?

Performance management

A global approach consits in:

Livejourney approche de la performance


  • Define objectives
  • Develop a strategy
  • Define the missions
  • Develop a roadmap
Link IT systems


  • Regularly consult the KPIs
  • Hold follow-up meetings (between the manager and the employees)
Livejourney performance reviewing


  • Measure overall performance
  • Ask for feedback from employees
Livejourney performance rewarding


  • Give bonuses
  • Increase salaries
  • Garanting special vacations

By implementing the performance management cycle, companies can:

  1. Ensure that objectives are reached
  2.  Improve their competitiveness
  3. Maximize employee results

How does Process Mining help companies manage performance?

Process Mining is mainly involved in phase 2 of the cycle: monitoring.

Livejourney discovery Process Mining

The 1st pillar of Process Mining is called “process discovery“.

The idea is to map all the steps of the process, even if the data comes from different IS.
This interactive map provides both a global view of the process and details at each stage. This is what we call Hypervision.

Any Process Mining solution must enable this exploration of business processes. Shedding light on the different stages that create business value is a guarantee of transparency. Thus, process managers (supply chain managers, management controllers, customer relationship managers, etc.) can see the impact of their decisions on performance.

How does Livejourney guide you to the right decisions?

Livejourney Prescriptive Process Mining

This is where the second pillar of Process Mining comes in: Prescriptive Process Mining.

At Livejourney, we have developed a unique conformance checking functionality. It allows not only to detect with extreme precision the slightest anomaly in the process (loop, rework, non-conformity, etc.), but also to understand the root causes of these anomalies.

However, making a data-driven decision is not enough. It must be taken in time!  This is why we have created an alerting system that notifies you as soon as an anomaly is detected in your process. Notifications are sent almost immediately thanks to real-time monitoring.

How does Livejourney report on your performance at a glance?

Each business process has its own KPIs. Although specific to a business activity, these KPIs may be too generic and therefore not relevant enough to measure overall performance.

Thanks to Livejourney, you can define your own process PPIs (Performance Process Indicators). Customized, they will allow you to monitor your performance in real time and throughout the process.

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