Meet Livejourney at Production Temps Réel

Production Temps Réel illustration

Production Temps Réel provides all the answers to your industrial needs. A hundred or so industrial performance project leaders met on Thursday 9 December at La Défense to network and discover innovative solutions.

The program

The event starts at 9am with a conference on the new trends in Industry 4.0. This intervention proposed by Fabrice CHAUSSERAIS – Co-founder/COO sedApta France, will aim to answer the question:
“How to manage your production hazards on a daily basis and anticipate variations?”


Then, one-to-one meetings with experts will be held throughout the day until 6 pm. These meetings will allow decision makers to discover innovative solutions that meet their business challenges.


At 1pm, a cocktail reception will offer all participants the opportunity to eat while sharing a convivial moment.


Finally, 2 benchmark sessions will take place in the afternoon on the following topics:

  • Production planning, a vector of collaboration and agility
  • From preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.


We have a page dedicated to the management of maintenance processes with Process Mining.