Make your process flawless

QAD PROCESS INTELLIGENCE IS User friendly Easy to implement Reactive Collaborative No Code


Link your data with your IT systems

Visualize what’s really happening in the field

Be alerted in real time about process deviations

Benefit from root cause analysis

Find automation (RPA) opportunities

Simulate future paths with our predictive module

Measure ROI and performance of the changes

The next generation of Process Mining

No more process inefficiencies

The Viewer is the core of our platform. You will visualize and immediately understand how your processes work via a three-dimensional view: flow-time-process. With our operational dashboards and your business expertise, you will be able to control and manage your processes like never before.

Nothing will go undetected with our smart monitoring interface

Process Model View
Personalized Dashboard

Make smart decisions based on reality

Performance dashboard is an add-on to the viewer. It is a powerful, real-time tool to manage and track processes anytime, anywhere. It is designed for Process Managers and Executives seeking an unbiased overview in order to make the right decisions.

Furthermore, deviancies alerts will enable them to react faster.

A crystal-clear understanding enabling you to go faster and further

Get the most of AI and Machine Learning

Our Predictive Algorithms will enhance your simulation capabilities like never before. A highly intuitive solution designed to anticipate required actions based on your future process paths.

Simulate future scenarios and their potential anomalies in just a click.

Predict at the category or individual level.

The next generation of Process Mining

Predictive Module with algorithms AI patented

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