Reinventing marketing campaign processes to drive value

Customer Experience - Success Story

Telecommunications industry is currently facing a stagnant growth: large number of operators, almost same services, very demanding customers…

An International communications group decided to optimize its marketing campaigns journey through Process Mining. Result? +20% of the processes (re)adapted to customers expectations and +16% customer satisfaction in 8 weeks.


To better understand its French subscribers, our client, an international communications brand, had launched a large survey at country level. Among other information, results showed that their customers did not know much about the services and products the group offered them through their subscription or could offer them as an additional offering. As the group had already in place a phone marketing campaign process, it became obvious to the Marketing and Sales teams that they needed to review this process in order to be more efficient and client-oriented.

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Considering the Marketing campaigns processes in real time

Marketing and Sales teams have decided to refocus of their campaign process already in place, so they could look at each of its steps. Marketing Head explains: “We needed to understand how and where we could enhance the relationship between our group and its clients. The market has been changing very quickly, we had updated our campaign processes, but we had never thought of having a real time picture of how it really worked”. An insightful discussion with the group’s IT team led to the decision to roll-out the Process Intelligence solution.

The project objective was to focus on the sales part of the campaign process, but the solution implementation opened the scope and identified some gaps that were hidden, but that were, at the end of the day, time-consuming. Examples include the communications process between the group’s CRM and the CRM of the supplier in charge of the marketing campaign: launched once a day during night, it could cause +12 hours delays!

Identifying and adjusting the execution gaps

The Process Intelligence solution allowed visualize current processes in real time. The solution connected very quickly and easily with the group’s data sources and thus provided system-wide insights. With the strong participation of the teams  involved in the marketing campaigns, the different root causes of problems, such as deviations, manual workflows, self-loops were highlighted, explains, adjusted and/or corrected. The KPIs have been fully revised and adapted, so for each customer contacted there is a solution and a cost-effective result. The three first results of this process review have been:

The boost of the “prospect-client” conversion

The increase of customer satisfaction (+16% in 2 months)

The reduction of non-productive time (-30% in 2 months)

“We wanted to have a phone campaign process up-to-date, simple, productive and easily scalable. Process Mining not only helps us to improve our processes, but also to find very quickly where exactly there is an issue when the teams concerned highlight a gap” says Marketing Head.

Key figures

0 %
of the process full revised
- 0 %
of non productive hours
in 2 months
+ 0 %
customer satisfaction
in 2 months