Rectifying overdue deliveries to improve customer satisfaction

Supply Chain - Success Story

In a Just-in-Time world, customer satisfaction is key. By implementing a pilot Click-to-Ship process review, this international e-commerce group has corrected 25% of their delivery difficulties within 2 months 


Online business has tremendously evolved during last decade and online shopping is now of common use for the majority of customers. Our client, an international e-commerce company specialized in flash sales has grown quickly and successfully, until it appeared that the number of customer complaints was increasing. “We had mastered our upstream supply chain processes and were perfectly in control of our stock management. But we had a gap in the delivery part of our supply chain. With the growth of the demand during Pandemic, our difficulties have reached alarming proportions: customers were not receiving the goods they had paid for or were receiving them with lots of delay!” explains the Global Supply Chain Director.

optimize click-to-ship process

When technology meets teams’ collaboration

“In a very competitive environment, meeting customers’ needs is essential”, comments François Arnaud, Co-Founder of Livejourney. “Our client knew their Click-to-Ship processes were not running smoothly, but they did not have time to search the root causes. To gain efficiency, they decided to rely on our solution.” As often in the eCommerce world, the challenge was clear: finding the process weaknesses on the shortest period of time.

Starting with three European pilot markets, the Client and Livejourney mobilized team members to connect the Process Intelligence solution with the IT systems and implement the corporate downstream processes. After only 6 weeks, the Click-to-Ship process analysis was ready to be launched, covering all Supply Chain process from warehouse to delivering, not forgetting carrying.

A real-time vision for agile improvement

The user interface was customized to display the pilot on the 3 markets, and, more specifically on a set of 15K orders. Within 3 days, the Supply Chain project manager could present very inspiring results:

Some orders were delivered earlier than the promise without following the corporate process

Most of the delayed orders faced the same root causes – of which some were due to double IT systems use

The path of all non-delivered orders was known

An iterative process management update was implemented, with regular checking through the solution. The corporate team worked with:

  • local teams to update some core processes and understand the non-delivery issues
  • IT teams to ensure a better communication between tools


The pilot allowed to correct and reimagine the Click-to-Ship process, with a positive impact on the business and the customer experience. In a short time period, it also improved profitability.

Key figures

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of delivery delays corrected
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of repeat purchases
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customers concerned by the Click-to-Ship process