Ticketing process helps improve drastically workflow efficiency

Ticketing - Success Story

Service desks (and help desks) are regularly sandwiched between users who ask questions and experts who must provide answers. By conducting a ticketing process review through Process Mining, an international Utilities group has remodeled its internal IT workflows and increased its employees satisfaction by 15% after just 6 weeks. 


The work area of internal service desks is very large and can range from helping to switch on a computer to escalating a malware to IT security team. Concerned professionals act as points of contact for service users, on one side, and IT experts, on the other side.

Our client, an International Utilities group, has launched a transformation journey to answer the market and business evolutions the Utilities industry is facing. In its internal performance transformation strategy, the Group’s Management team has proposed business units and plants to share their ideas and experience of performance enhancement. Among other priority projects, IT ticketing process has been highlighted and has been rethought.

Ticketing Process

Ticketing process at the heart of service desk management

Group IT department decided to coordinate a process review project and they knew that the top-down analysis of each process would be time-consuming and potentially non-efficient. “We decided to use process mining to get a clear view on how IT tickets were managed on real-time. Livejourney showed us their own ticketing process on their solution and their consultant created with us non-conformant paths. Seeing them and following them, in real time convinced us”, explains the IT project lead.

The team not only wished to downsize the number of late resolution answers or implementation, but also find ways to empower their service team so they could solve problems early in the resolution process. Which, at the end of the day, would have positive results on the employee performance, internal customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the overall business financials.

A process going far beyond the “ticket” creation

By connecting to the IT systems, the Process Intelligence solution has quickly provided the full view of the existing ticketing operations:

Conformant processes, which appeared to be many

Half-conformant processes

Issues (self-loops, back-forth, ticket reopen, new paths, multi-assignment, and… time delay)

This first factual data delivery allowed Client team to immediately launch an analysis, with the strong support of the concerned teams: applicants, principals, service desk, helpdesk, IT experts and, for some cases, IT providers.

A first set of key issues (in other terms, the ones that were the most “non-conformant” with the corporate processes) have been collectively selected, and KPIs built for their improvement journey. This agile and collaborative management process has permitted the implementation of a series of adjustments, some in the short term with a more or less immediate result, others in a longer term.

Key figures

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