Industrial Maintenance

Discover how our Process Mining software can improve your industrial maintenance processes

What does Industrial Maintenance mean?

Industrial maintenance is the fact of maintaining the productive apparatus in state so that it delivers the expected service.

There are 3 main types of maintenance:

  • Corrective maintenance which intervenes downstream of a breakdown or malfunction of one or more pieces of equipment in the production system.
  • Preventive maintenance, often dictated by the manufacturer of the equipment itself or by the user’s internal rules in its maintenance strategy. This type of maintenance is most of the time linked to a temporal recurrence or to a recurrence of use (every N times or every X uses)
  • Finally, predictive maintenance will rely on data, statistics and machine learning to anticipate a maintenance action to be planned to avoid any immobilization of people and production equipment.
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Even now, 90% of the cost of maintenance lies in the first type of maintenance (curative) and is linked to curative maintenance which often costs the company more time and money. Hence the need to anticipate more and more maintenance operations.

What are the costs of industrial maintenance?

The costs related to maintenance are of several kinds:

The manpower that repairs or maintains the installations and the one that is not able to work because of maintenance operations

The cost of raw materials or spare parts required for maintenance or repair

The cost of non-production linked to the immobilization of the productive apparatus

The French Association of Maintenance Engineers and Managers estimates the cost of industrial maintenance in France at 22 billion euros. It also emphasizes that the cost of maintenance represents 60% of the cost of finished products. This shows how strategic industrial maintenance is for companies, as it can become a real money pit.

Process Mining benefits

The benefits of Process Mining in the field of industrial maintenance meet the strategic stakes as they allow to:

Reduce costs thanks to a better anticipation and management of maintenance operations

Follow in real time the key indicators
of the productive apparatus
to gain in proactivity

an optimal level of availability
of equipment and people

Process Mining in a few words

Process mining is a technology that allows to put business processes under control. By capturing the logs present in different information systems, it allows to visualize in real time what is happening in the field. The variables to be taken into account are often multiple and come from multiple sources. Process mining brings together all these variables in a single solution to give a clear vision, alert if necessary and facilitate rapid decision-making. It also allows to monitor all the tasks necessary for the good progress of a maintenance operation, which often requires a large number of tasks to be performed. Finally, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, process mining can predict and anticipate maintenance operations.